Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zac and I learned about this Coldplay concert a year ago and though it would be a great anniversary activity, so we were kind of disappointed we had yet to find the right deal on tickets, until..... 6:59 when we got a guy on Craigslist to sell us his SUITE tickets (the concert started at 7:00)! They were a fab price and it included free parking. 

We both have loved Coldplay for quite sometime, and it was a great concert to cross off my concert bucket-list. 

Here are some of my favorite snaps from the concert, which was..... ahhhhmazing!

Confetti bomb at the beginning of the concert

The famous neon graffiti piano

With as much jumping around as he does, there's no surprise he took a little break at the end of the song!

Everyone was given lighted wristbands at the entrance that lit up with the rhythm of the songs!

He played the end of the concert in the middle of the crowd, sooo cool!

Leaving the AAC, I forced Zac to take a pic with me :)

I get chills thinking about how exhilarating the whole experience was, and it made me so grateful that I am a music teacher. I believe the power of music is greater than most people think, and this concert was a perfect reminder that I love teaching kids that maybe one day they can be like Coldplay or other amazing musicians.

What are some of your favorite concerts you have been to?

Thanks for stopping by, 
~Mrs. S 


  1. No one does a live performance like Coldplay. They are one of my favorites. That's crazy about getting the tickets! You lucky girl.

  2. My husband and I just saw them in Houston! It was truly amazing...and we see a lot of shows. Any other concerts on your calendar? I'm a big Norah Jones fan so we thinking about seeing her in October.