A Cake and a Game

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday was Mr. Simmonds and I's 2nd year anniversary!

We had agreed that the Coldplay concert tickets would be our anniversary gifts, but it turns out Zac had a little surprise for me...

Our wedding cake (which I loooooved) was made by a bakery in Dallas, Romano's, and I had expressed several times to Zac how I wished I could have just one bite of our wedding cake. Yesterday when he got home from football, he had a little box with a mini-cake from Romano's Bakery!!! 

It was French Almond with buttercream frosting, just like our wedding cake! Simply delicious, and oh so thoughtful. It was one of the best surprises Zac has given me, ever! Y'all know the way to a girls heart is through her tummy! I felt very loved. 

I had a slice before we headed to SMU to ride the bus over to the game.

As mentioned in my previous post, we decided to join the SMU Young Alumni for a day at the ballpark to watch the Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers. Great seats!

Turns out Nolan Ryan and his wife Ruth were also celebrating an anniversary, their 45th!

So much fun...

Josh Hamilton before he hit a home run to make it the final score 7-4!

It was a lovely day of smiles and good fun. 

Next up is a fabulous event tomorrow that a local boutique is having where Dallas fashion bloggers will compete for "Tootsies Dallas Top Blogger" award. Click on the link to RSVP! The nominees will be walking a runway where they will be wearing items from the boutique, such a fun idea!

I am so excited to see and hopefully meet Krystal Schlegel, Amy Havins , and Jacklyn Welsh! And of course, I cant forget about my friend Amy who is hosting the event. She also has a fabulous fashion website that you must check out here

Post about the event coming soon!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

~Mrs. S

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