2 Years Ago Today

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Years ago today, 
The hubs and I became, 
Mr. and Mrs. Zac Simmonds

Since Zac played ball at SMU, we figured it would be fun to get some snaps at Ford stadium

Walking down the isle, doesn't Zac look dashing?

First dance laughter, not sure what it was about...

Literally, my (almost) entire immediate family...
From Left: Esmeralda-S,  Marbella-SIL, Billy-B, Nathan-N, Jaylee-N, Dad, Madelyn-N, Mom, Me, Zac, Abigail-S, Nancy-S, Sebastian-N, Veronica-S, Genaro-BIL. Missing, Julio-BIL, Julian-N, Juanito-N

N's being nephews and nieces

*Love must have been in the air being that my sister Veronica and SIL Marbella both got pregnant during these days because they both had a baby 9 months later...

Dancing the night away

I would do one one of those weekly long post series about everything leading up to the wedding, but I think those will come in time...

Hope you all enjoyed :)

Tonight, Zac and I are going to a Texas Rangers game with the SMU alumni association. I know, I know, not the most romantic thing to do on an anniversary, but actually it sounds like a ton of fun (last year we went golfing!) I will post pictures of the game tomorrow!

~Mrs. S

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  1. Belated congrats to you both! My husband and I got married at Perkins Chapel in 2004!