Weekend Recap

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday night, Zac and I went to a sushi place down the street, it had been a while!

We had a "Texas Roll" and it had fresh jalapenos in it, you have to try sushi with jalapenos, delicious!

I wore one of the dresses my MIL got me, I don't usually wear long dresses, but I love this one.

Saturday I taught a couple of lessons and on our way back from a trip to Lowes, I took a picture of the entrance into our neighborhood, isn't it cool!?

The figures on the left is an indian on a horse helping a woman in the canoe :)

Saturday night, we headed out to the Shops at Legacy in Plano again to celebrate my sister Nancy's birthday, which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY! She is the one in the middle

Here is another close up of my dress, another gift from my MIL. Last weekend when we went to the casino in Tulsa, I spilled butter all over the bottom half of the dress, mortified that it would never come off, I had Zac take it to the cleaners and they got it off! Do you like my hydrangeas in the back?!

Back to my sisters dinner celebration story... we dined at Taco Diner and I had the shrimp tacos, soooo delicious!

Basically, I had a weekend full of cute dresses and good food!

On another note, I have decided to thank my new followers by featuring their blogs in my posts :)

Laura's fabulous blog FASHIONHYPNOTIZED is all about everyday fashion. She mixes contemporary looks with traditional lines and colors, you have to check her out! 

C and D's blog Seersucker&SweetTea is a cute blog created by two high school friends who live in the South Carolina area. I wish I was a blogger in high school, I would have so many fun stories to share!

If you are not a follower, but have happened to stumble across my blog, please be sure to follow along as I write about living in the suburbs of Dallas, TEXAS and being a proud wife and mommy to two frenchies! 

Thanks for stopping by!


~Mrs. S

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