Lilly, and more Lilly!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello my lovely followers!

I have finally purchased my first Lilly Pulitzer items, I am so excited!

After eyeing this dress for a while, and falling in love with this skirt from my first visit to the website, I ordered them as a gift from Zac (the Cassie dress) and from myself (the Mimosa skirt) to sport on my birthday coming up in less than two weeks!

Sorry about the bad picture quality, Im still figuring this editing pic stuff out... you get the picture :)

Of course I wouldn't feel as good about my purchase without the approval of Ashley over at Loving Life and Lilly (who is a Lilly expert) so what do you think girl?!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week, Happy early Friday!

~Mrs. S 

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  1. The cassie is my favorite!!!!! Seriously, I have like 5 of them!! Glad you took the plunge :) But I warn you, it is addicting!!