Best week of my life!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

More like, LAZIEST week of my life!

Hello everyone,
I must admit that even though I love me a good week off from work, it is no surprise that I am ready to go back to work after a long week of laying around the house, eating a bunch, and teaching a couple of lessons here and there... I am usually the person to have a ton of things planned for a break, but after a super busy month of work, I decided I was going to make my week a complete resting period!

Friday March 9th: Go meet with other educators and get a great motivational lecture by 2 Fine Arts directors of Richardson and Lewisville ISD at a German restaurant in Plano

Saturday 10th: teach a lesson, go buy new printer, go to bed at 8pm

Sunday the 11th: teach a couple of lessons in Dallas and go see my family

Monday the 12th: Take Paisley to get surgery for her tumor on her little shoulder, and get spayed, she is much better now :)

That night my sis Nancy came over with her son Sebastian and we stayed up till 2 am talking and laughing!

Tuesday the 13th: Go eat at On the Border for lunch and have a lazy evening.

Wednesday the 14th: spend all day on the couch until my mom came over to spend the night.

Thursday the 15th: Take my mom to Frisco Mercantile, visit Hobby Lobby, and make lunch at home. Another lazy evening after some yummy In N Out.

Friday the 16th: Go to Academy where I got these bad boys, Go SMU! 

Also, we headed over to Calloways Nursery to add more flowers to our landscaping, what do you think?

The grass looks bad in this pic, but Zac put some special grass stuff so it can grow prettier...

We let the girls go out without leashes to see the new flowers...

I also got this beautiful bugambilia plant for my backyard, I named it Bijoux!

Saturday the 17th: While everyone was out at the St. Patty's Day parade in Dallas, I was sleeping in and finally got up and ready to go teach one lesson in Dallas. Since we opted to skip the parade, we figure we would celebrate by making corned beef and cabbage and it was delicious! 

Today, I had 1 lesson this morning with my student Leah. Now, this is us :)

Hope you all have a restful Sunday, and I look forward to hearing from y'all!

~Mrs. S


  1. I LOVE bougainvillea plants. My mom's grew all along the back of her fence in the backyard, and it's HUGE now! Careful of their branches, they will get ya!

  2. yay for flowers! I moved to the Midwest from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area a few years ago, but I really miss those AH-mazing azaleas! They don't grow here...too cold. =)
    Kristina J.