Y'all don't even know!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello Everyone,

It's Cat here from Simmonds in the Suburbs waiting to give y'all some amazing updates on my home!!!

I have been wanting a buffet for my dining room for a while now and after several months of cruising Craigslist and visiting several antique malls, Zac and I agreed on purchasing a black buffet from a wonderful antique shop in downtown McKinney! It is a beautiful French import with two cabinets and two drawers. I think it is perfect...

I paid a pretty hefty penny for it, but I think it was worth it...

Next, back in October I was helping with an orchestra event where the school was having a garage sale next door and I found this wine rack for $45. 

I fell in love instantly but knew I had to remove the wine shelves and paint it at some point... Well, that point was yesterday after getting my new buffet and getting an urge to complete my dining room :)

Now, it looks like this:

I decided since I don't have a china cabinet to put my china in it, Im very satisfied!

Aside from needing curtains, I think my dining room is almost complete, what do y'all think?!

Had to get these at Kroger today :)
For our wedding, Zac's aunt gave us a fabulous board that I thought needed a 10X10 photo in it and was waiting to order one until I opened it yesterday and realized is a really cool magnet/hanging board that does not need a photo (Im a dummy)!

I put it up in the kitchen and printed a monthly birthday list for all the family, and one of my favorite verses...

One of my favorite views of the house now...

I didn't have to teach but one lesson today so I had a pretty relaxing day, I got a haircut and we made chips with guac, fajitas and are watching the Superbowl. I am looking forward to a less busy week coming up... Hope you all have a fabulous Monday tomorrow, can't wait to hear what y'all have to say about my dining room!

Mrs. S


  1. You have the cutest taste in furniture! I love the buffet and your dining room. Great job!

    1. Thanks Courtney! I am having such a great time finding pieces for my new home, we just moved in about 2 months ago... :) hope you become a follower so you can see future updates!
      ~Mrs. S