Saturday, January 14, 2012

This year has been amazing so far. New year, new house, and now... NEW CAR!

I feel very blessed, y'all have no idea.

You know how middle aged men used to fix up old mustangs because it reminded them of their youth... Well, today I finally got my "youth" dream car, an old 4runner!!! My Audi A4 convertible died on me last August and I had been driving Zac's car until now! Im so excited cause I got a good deal on it, which means I wont be putting a huge dent in my wallet and 4runners are amazing cars that last forever (I used to have one, but my sister totalled it :(

Plus, I got it at this really nice dealership called Texas Vehicle Exchange, wouldn't you want to buy your car at a Texas proud dealership?!

Anyhow, last night Zac tried a recipe from my Southern Lady magazine, seared tuna with salad and it was amazing! Luckily I took a picture...

Lastly, we have been sleeping with our shades open in our bedroom because it is so nice to have the sun shine in the room in the morning, and I had to take this pic of Paisley who loves to look out...

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend and will be watching Tebow kick some butt tonight!

Love, Mrs. S

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