Fun Fact Friday!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello everyone!

Its Friday and I am so glad to be relaxing and enjoying some down time at home with my hubs and 2 frenchies! It turns out a French bulldog replaced Kim Kardashian in the new Sketchers add and I think its hilarious...


Here is my Frenchie, Paisley, she should have been the new spokesdog for Sketchers!

Anyway, so I decided to do a fun fact post about myself instead of "tagging" anyone or being tagged so here it goes...

1. I have 4 sisters 1 brother
2. I am a resident alien, I was born in Mexico (doesn't that explain the number of brothers and sisters)
3. I can not cook but I make a mean guacamole...
4. I love to clean, especially my new house 
5. I play violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, some piano, and I have a wide vocal range so I can sing ok...
6. I have never been to Europe, Id love to visit Spain, France, and Italy
7. I dated my husband 5 years before we got married
8. I use Fabulous Foaming Face Wash by Bliss
9. I prefer quality over quantity any day
10. I follow SMU, Cowboys, OU, and my husband's HS football teams
11. I have 831 friends on FB and know at least 700 of them, haven't counted but i'm sure Im close...
12. I'd rather have nice things and live in a nice home than spend my money traveling
13. I looooove live music, it doesn't matter who is performing
14. I used to be in a band named "Quiver" No, I didn't quit cause of the name...
15. Im not a worrier or OCD, but I am envious of others from time to time (working on that)
16. I have excellent credit!
17. I would like to get my doctorate in the next few years
18. I can't wait till Mad Men comes back on March 25th
19. I have terrible vision and wear green colored contacts
20. I believe that Jesus Christ died for me, and I will forever be a follower of Him...

Well hope you enjoyed that, have a great weekend!
Mrs. S


  1. fun list of random facts :) I too would love to visit spain, france, and italy some day!

  2. That was fun to read to get to know you better!